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Sigrid Verbert

blogger About me

Sigrid is Belgian and has lived in Rome for 8 years. She has always been passionate about books and stories, which led her to study literature in Belgium, and then to writing and journalism. She has always been curious about food and cooking, something which began as a student simply because of the need to survive. In Rome, she took a master’s course in food and wine communication at Gambero Rosso. By chance, one day in 2005 she started the blog “Il Cavoletto di Bruxelles” (the Brussels Sprout), with the idea of using it as a collection of recipes tried at home for personal use. It then became the most popular personal cooking blog in Italy, with between 8,000 and 10,000 visitors every day. It’s a great little source of home cooking which is typical of a modern thirty-something, inspired by local products but also by French, British, Moroccan and Japanese recipes, as well as the tales and flavors of childhood, tasty discoveries made during her travels and daily thoughts which are always full of flavors and scents. Through her blog, Sigrid has discovered not only an unsuspected passion for recipes, but also a love of photography, which has been her main job for several years. She sees it as another way of telling a story, with images instead of words, or a way of describing places and emotions. Today Sigrid happily continues writing about moods and flavors on her blog, and working on her recipe books (she has published 5 since 2005, and the latest, “Regali Golosi”, was published by Giunti at the end of 2010). She never gets tired of delving into other people’s kitchens. In her free time, she dreams of Scandinavian houses full of light, ponders on destinations such as Vera Cruz, Saigon and Aleppo, and makes little brioches while thinking about when her daughter, born in spring 2011, will be able to taste them... www.sigridverbert.net

blogger My recipes
Little Gorgonzola. Amarena Fabbri and Balsamic Vinegar Bruschettas
A quick, tasty appetizer to put the world to rights...
Official Blogger Recipe
Spiced Basmati Rice Salad with Almonds and Amarenas
Especially in the summer, I love spiced, scented dishes
Official Blogger Recipe
Little Goat’s Cheese and Rocket Truffles with an Amarena Surprise
A light and delicious appetizer!
Official Blogger Recipe
Ricotta, Lime and Amarena Mousse
Ricotta, Lime and Amarena Mousse
Official Blogger Recipe
Lemon and Basil Mousse with Amarena Jelly
Summer recipe!
Official Blogger Recipe
Goats’ Cheese, Zucchini and Amarena Terrine
Goats’ cheese, zucchini and amarena terrine
Official Blogger Recipe
Rabbit with beer, spices and amarenas
The rabbit with this recipe is amazing!
Official Blogger Recipe
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