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The Portal for All Things Amarena: Too Good to Be True

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The Portal for All Things Amarena: Too Good to Be True

We did it! Our portal dedicated to the AMARENA is finally online. Months of hard work, an idea we’ve been toying around with forever, the dream of so many customers, fans and lovers of this incredible fruit. ?The portal marks the beginning of a new Amarena Fabbri adventure on the web. We wanted to create something more than just a website, we wanted a dynamic “place.” So here it is, the perfect spot for finding and exchanging ideas, sharing stories, gathering and finding up to date information, and talking about the contents of our blue and white jars! And that’s not all. We have created a recipe section that is expanded and updated every day – fed by our desire to surprise you, the ideas of our Top Bloggers and the appetite of everyone who follows us. A new cookbook concept where you can upload your own recipes, create a personal playlist that is always accessible and explore endless new ways of using Amarena Fabbri.?The fun doesn’t end there. Look out for contests and prizes for Amarena fans. Start exploring the infinite world of Amarena! Take out a spoon and dip deep into our delicious website, there’s something for everyone.


The world seen by an amarena. A container, an incubator, a selector, a jar full of surprises, information and news where you can find inspiration and new perspectives.
This is th source of passion and news connected to the world of the Amarena Fabbri Community. It is an editorial project created by combining lively elements that are full of flavor with images and thoughts, just as you would do for every new recipe.

Here we talk and write about fashion, culture, design, curiosities, holidays and everything that adds flavor to life. In short, it's a quick, always up to date way of being an amarena ahead of everyone else!

Do you want to tell us something, report something or simply contact the editorial staff? Write to us! The important thing is it's about Amarena!