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Valentine’s Day is on its way – celebrate with our sweet menu!

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Valentine’s Day is on its way – celebrate with our sweet menu!

Food and love have been intertwined since the dawn of time, with myths and legends about aphrodisiac foods and lots of popular beliefs regarding food.  Here is our menu for a candlelit dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day as sweetly as possible, accompanied, of course, by the unmistakable flavor of Amarena.

Amarena amore mio cocktail
Recipe from amarenafabbri.com

Ingredients for 2 people
10 cl Prosecco or sparkling white wine per person
Amarena Fabbri

Place a Fabbri Amarena in a flute glass with a spoonful of amarena syrup. Fill the glass with well-chilled  Prosecco or sparkling white wine and serve.

First Course
Risotto with Saffron Pistils and Fabbri Amarenas
Recipe from TG Rosso Amarena

Ingredients for 2 people
25cl white wine
200g rice
1.5 liters vegetable stock
1 shallot
Saffron pistils
25g butter
25g Parmesan cheese
120g  Fabbri amarenas
1.5 spoonfuls extra-virgin olive oil
Salt as required

Brown the finely chopped shallot in a pan with two spoonfuls of extra-virgin olive oil. Add the rice and let it absorb all the oil. Pour the white wine onto the rice and leave to evaporate. Pour in some of the stock and add the salt. Cook the rice, adding a bit of stock every so often. Add the saffron pistils and stir in the Fabbri amarenas. Add a knob of butter and the grated Parmesan cheese, and stir on the heat for a few minutes.

Recipe from amarenafabbri.com

Fabbri Amarena
Fabbri Kroccant

Place the empty praline cases on a tray or plate and put a Fabbri Amarena in each one.  Pour in the Fabbri Kroccant, and leave the tray in the freezer for a few minutes.  Remove the tray from the freezer and … your chocolates will be ready to serve!

An extra idea
To make a whole tray of pralines with lots of different flavors, you can make them with Fabbri Fruit in Liqueur, using little pieces of Fabbri Apricot or Grappuva.  You can also try this with fresh or dried fruit!

If you want to make a second course instead of a first course, here is our suggestion:
Duck breast with amarenas sauce
Recipe from amarenafabbri.com

Ingredients for 2 people
Duck breast
Duck breast
Fabbri Amarenas
¼ l fresh cream
Salt and pepper, as required
Red cabbage salad with Fabbri amarena and fried walnuts
300g red cabbage
50g walnuts
50g Fabbri Amarena
½ teaspoon powdered aniseed
1 ½ spoonful wine vinegar
1 spoonful olive oil
2 spoonfuls Fabbri Amarena syrup
Salt and pepper, as required

Duck breast 
Clean the duck breast and scatter some salt on top.  Brown the duck breast on the side with the skin. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200°C for 20 minutes.  Wrap the duck breast in a sheet of tin foil and leave to rest for 20 minutes.  Stir the cream into the meat sauce, as well as 5 – 6 Fabbri Amarenas, cut into little pieces.  Allow the sauce to thicken, and add salt and pepper to taste.

Red cabbage salad with Fabbri amarenas and fried walnuts
Chop the red cabbage finely.  Fry the walnuts in a frying pan for 1 – 2 minutes.  Cut the drained Fabbri amarenas into little pieces.  Mix all the ingredients except the walnuts together and add the Amarena syrup. Serve and decorate with the fried walnuts and Fabbri Amarenas.


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