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The Fabbri Art Prize – here are the winners!

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The Fabbri Art Prize – here are the winners!

An unprecedented success. The winners of the fourth edition of the Fabbri Art Prize were announced on Sunday 29 January in Bologna as part of Arte Fiera, in front of a large crowd which applauded the jury’s choices. The prizes were awarded by Umberto Fabbri, the President of Fabbri 1905, the curator of the Fabbri Art Prize Alberto Agazzani and by Roberto Floreani, one of the winners of the first edition, who was a member of the jury this year. Prizes were awarded to an ironic reinterpretation of the Odyssey, entitled “When Odysseus had gone, Circe and her pigs had lots of fun”, a photograph by Giulia Caira, who is originally from Cosenza but now lives in Turin; the female portrait “One more…”, a terracotta sculpture by Marco Cornini from Milan; and the oil on linen “Tricolor”, a bright painting by the artist David De Biasio from Veneto.A special mention went to Giorgio Laveri and his polychromatic sculpture “Amarcord”. All the works which took part in the fourth edition of the Fabbri Art Prize, which was founded in 2005 to celebrate the Amarena-loving company’s centenary, will be on display until 16 February at the Pinacoteca Nazionale (National Picture Gallery) of Bologna, as part of the exhibition “Un secolo e 7” (A century and 7). The exhibition of the works of the thirty finalists for the Fabbri Art Prize shows that artists’ ability to reinterpret the values of this famous brand through art. «I found it natural – observed the Fabbri Art Prize curator Alberto Agazzani – to combine it with the spirit of a company like Fabbri, a worldwide symbol of Italy which blends great flavor with extraordinary technology, without losing any of its identity. There are lots of different artistic styles and techniques, but the quality and strength of expressiveness remain unchanged. Aesthetics cannot exist without ethics, and art cannot exist without ethics. Flavor concerns ethics as well as aesthetics».


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