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As light as chocolate

Sweet, sensual, energy-giving, mood-boosting. And now light. The “food of the gods”, as it was called by the native Americans who first discovered the extraordinary powers of chocolate, can now be enjoyed in delicious cups of hot chocolate with zero added sugar.  The latest exciting innovation from Fabbri is Chocochoc ZERO, a mix to make mouth-watering hot chocolates with very few calories.  There are just 78 kcal per 100g if you make it with skimmed milk.  This is a real turning point for chocolate fans who will be able to test the steaming-hot cups of hot chocolate at Eurochocolate in Perugia from 14 to 23 October, at the Fabbri stand in Largo della Libertà.  There, visitors can also enjoy cherries without stones dipped in creamy chocolate liqueur, exquisite pralines with our much-loved Amarena and delicious home-made chocolate gelato. There are thousands of ways to enjoy this food which has been delighting people from all over the world for over five centuries.
It first arrived in Europe thanks to the Spanish Conquistadors, and so the first people to enjoy it in Europe were the royal family of Madrid.  Chocolate became accepted by the Church, as drinking hot chocolate was allowed during the fasting periods of the Church, so people could regain their strength with a cup of hot cocoa.  It soon spread all over Europe and became the favorite drink of nobles and aristocrats.  Historical fans included Marie Antoinette, who always travelled around with her trustworthy chocolatier, Voltaire, who was so mad about chocolate that he drank at least 12 cups a day, and Gabriele D’Annunzio who used to eat squares of dark chocolate before meeting his lovers.  Fortunately times have changed.  Chocolate can now be enjoyed by everyone.  And now that it’s light, it’s even more enjoyable!


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